Being a boutique practice
we offer a confident,
personal approach to
all projects regardless
of scale or complexity.



As a boutique practice we offer a confident, personal approach to all projects regardless of scale or complexity. Our experience and size allows us to be nimble in responding to the demands of a project; and pro-actively pursue alternative solutions where we can see opportunities to achieve a higher quality outcome without compromising time or money.

We work closely with a client/stakeholder to understand their aspirations and key deliverables for each project; once these are established, they form the points of reference for the project duration and are the benchmarks by which all critical decisions are measured against.

During the course of construction we:

  • Commence on site meetings with a start-up meeting to introduce the project team, establish protocols for communication and responsibilities amongst the project team.
  • Hold regular fortnightly site meetings with the contractor; these generally include relevant consultants, and always a representative of the Project Control Group.
  • Review progress and program fortnightly.
  • Monitor costs and advise on the merits of claims for variations to the contract;
  • Advise on claims for extensions of time.
  • Undertake regular inspections to ensure the documentation is being satisfactorily followed, and quality maintained.
  • Complete final inspections, and ensure that the builder signs off the completion of any defects identified.
  • Provide maintenance manuals for the buildings and services which also include details of service locations [as built drawings].

We strive to manage risk through the process by working closely and openly with all involved as part of the project team, enabling issues to be raised before they become cumbersome and detrimental to the project’s outcome.



Quality Assurance & WH&S
Bryant Alsop aims to ensure that all projects are completed to a high professional standard. Our reputation is only as good as our last client, and we will at all times strive to ensure that our clients’ needs are met and expectations exceeded.

To ensure this is actively managed, we have an in-house Quality Assurance process which is used to monitor our deliverables and ensure that we have an accurate and usable product at the end of each phase.