The design is developed to resolve a detailed architectural and interior design solution including materials, finishes and colours

Concept Design
All the options are canvassed and reviewed. This may include, renovating versus moving, re-building, preparing houses for sale, minor or major redevelopment. Often sketch plans may be prepared to explore the various options available, to assist clients to make a decision as to how they wish to proceed.

During the initial design phase, we work with you to develop an accommodation brief, and use this as the basis for developing concept designs. We also undertake an assessment of the existing site and review any authority constraints that are relevant. In some cases, this will include the development of a masterplan for the overall site which would consider all infrastructure and site works that relate to the building, including roads, soft and hard landscaping, out-buildings, pool, tennis court, plant and equipment, including immediate and possible future works.


Design Development/ Town Planning Application
The design is developed to resolve a detailed architectural and interior design solution including materials, finishes and colours. Where necessary, a town planning application is prepared that meets the specific requirements of the local council and individual site. This typically includes, existing and proposed plans and elevations, 3D modeling, site analysis and design response, and proposed shadow diagrams.


Contract Documentation
The documentation period allows for the preparation of all drawings, schedules and specifications required to obtain a building permit. A building surveyor will be commissioned to certify all architectural and consultant documents. The completed documents would then be used to secure the services of a builder, through negotiation or tender, and form the basis of a building contract.


Building Permit Application
Bryant Alsop prepares all necessary documents to be lodged with a building surveyor necessary for a building permit to be issued. As well as architectural drawings and specifications, we would coordinate other consultants such as engineers, energy assessors and surveyors. Typically we lodge the application on our clients’ behalf and manage the process for them.


Tender and Contract Negotiation
This stage may include calling tenders, assessing submissions, negotiating the contract with the successful contractor, and preparing contract documents.


Contract Administration
During the construction period, we undertake a number of key services including design consultancy, the assessment and certification of progress claims, variations and extensions of time; review of the works being carried out to ensure that they are in accordance with the contract documents; and act on behalf of the client in advising the builder of any changes to the scope of works or the clarification of items that arise during construction. Our three main objectives during this phase are to ensure that a high quality of workmanship is maintained, and that the program and budget are met.